Virtual Venture Partner - Diamond Broker AND Jewellery Agent   

R50,000 Franchise Fee

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What is a Virtual Venture Partner or VVP?

A Diamond Broker refers to the role of an individual who acts as an agent for a buyer and charges the buyer and/or principal a commission for its services. 

A Jewellery Agent acts as a party that has express or implied authority to act for another (Mineral Trader Group) so as to bring the principal into contractual relationships with other parties. An agent is obligated to the principal, and (when acting within the scope of authority delegated by the principal) binds the principal with his or her acts. The agent, however, does not have title to the principal's goods in his or her possession, except where agent's lien is applicable. Commissions due as the Diamond Broker above.

How do I become a Virtual Venture Partner? 

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How does a VVP work? 

 If you enrol as a Mineral Trader VVP (either Broker OR Agent), or both, you work under the Mineral Trader Brand. You will have access to all opportunities, support and marketing material. Consider a VVP as YOUR very own business, driven by demand for diamonds, precious metals and fine Jewellery. We supply your product, you would sell our products, easy as that!


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