Investment Portfolio - Transactional Deal Portfolio (TDP)   

Starting at R150,000, up to R500,000

Capital Returned at term (6 months)

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What is a Transactional Deal Return Portfolio (Diamonds)?

Merchants are ordinary people who make profit out of commodities earnings without physically touching merchandise or being involved in dealings and physical trading. Trading is against certified polished diamonds. Merchants trade every month and they receive their funds monthly.  TDP Merchant Holders enjoy a fixed payment (either 6 x months at term or payable every month) as well as traded profits (10% of the initial Capital allowed to trade every month)

How do I invest in a Transactional Diamond Deal Portfolio? 
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What does it mean when you mention trading? 

 Every Merchant has access to a Trade Sheet, which has a number of Diamond's on it. The trade sheet is issued once a month and trading takes approximately 30 minutes or less. Merchant's pick a number of stones to the value of their trading allowance every month and enjoy excellent profits, payable in a month from trading. Trading profits vary from month to month but range from between 25% to 45% Net profits. 

An example : 

Vusi has R150,000 Cash. He invests this in a Transactional Deal Return Portfolio. He earns a fixed 25% interest (R37,500) on month six or R6,250 every month. Trading profits (if for example, they are 25%) would return R2,500 every month. Vusi's tradeable allowance is 10% of the Capital (which is R15,000) every month, and 25% of this gives you R2,500


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