Investment Portfolio - Sightholder

Starting at R1,000,000

Capital Not Returned at term (12 months), 15% Monthly interest

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What is a Sightholder and a Sightholder Portfolio?

A Sightholder Portfolio enjoys 15% fixed interest per month on Capital. The other benefit is that a Sightholder is able to purchase certified (G.I.A) cut and polished Diamonds with the intention of holding (keeping) the commodity. A sightholder is a term for an individual who purchases and holds Diamonds. 

How do I invest in a Sightholder Portfolio? 

See the section above to the right for handy links to information and contact information. Or checkout at the bottom of this page if you wish to purchase a Portfolio now.

An example : 

Vusi has R1,000,000 Cash. He invests this in a Sightholder Portfolio. He earns a fixed 15% interest (R150,000) every month. 


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