Merchants are ordinary people who make profit out of commodities earnings without physically touching merchandise or being involved in dealings and physical trading. Trading is against certified polished diamonds. Merchants trade every month and they receive their funds monthly. 

Diamond Beneficiation Portfolio Merchant

R60 000,00Price
    • Investment Capital Outlay : Minimum of R60k up to R149k

    • Investment Horizon (term) : 12 Months

    • Trade Sheet Allowance : 100% of Capital Outlay 

    • Return on Investment using R60k example (Portfolio only, no trading) : R9k (15% Annualized)

    • Average Profit of 30% on Trade Sheet (30% of R60k = R18k per month)

    • Total Return on Investment - Trading off Trade Sheet at full R60k per month (not external funds) : 275%

    • Total Annual Net Return : R225k (R9k + (R18k x 12 months))

    • Capital of R60k NOT refunded 

    • Withdrawals from trades off Trade Sheet monthly and optional

    • The above Returns are based on a R60k example 

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