How do you price a diamond?

Updated: Apr 13

Lets first start by using a comparative. The two diamonds below are both 1.00 Carat, same weight, same size.

Comparison of high quality and poor quality diamonds

By looking at these two diamonds, which would you say is the more expensive diamond? The one on the left is the more expensive. The one on the left is a D color, Internally flawless (IF) and the one on the right is an I color, SI1 (small inclusions). Both are excellent cut, round. Would you be surprised to know that the diamond on the left (high quality) is USD 10,953 and the other lower quality USD 3,555? That's a big difference, for the same size diamond?

Diamonds are unique in every aspect and there are many factors that go into pricing a diamond. However, there are guidelines when it comes to pricing. This inevitably always goes back to the 4 C's or this is where many start with pricing a diamond. This is not to mention the other aspects which further affect the price - polish, symmetry, the specific lab that graded the diamond, depth, table and fluorescence of the diamond.

Diamonds would be priced using the following guideline, all contributing to price, in order of relevance and importance :

1. Carat weight

2. Cut - the most important aspect of the 4 C's (Super Ideal, Ideal, Excellent, Very Good)

3. Clarity & Color would be next

4. Polish, Symmetry, Fluorescence etc.

5. The Grading lab used (Cetification)

Then you would have covered pretty much every aspect of the diamond.

Many people make use of the Rapaport - a "guide" to price diamonds and is largely market driven. This is however only a guide and the pricing is very broad in terms of factoring in ALL aspects of a diamond.

You could also make use of other tools on the market. From experience, most tools that we have come across are merely guides as well. A good way is to compare sold and market prices, or retail. This also provides you with a fairly good idea of the price of a diamond. You could also use this diamond price search engine to view prices, with accurate averages.

Want more information about the industry and top diamond and jewelry blogs online? Have a look at Feedspot, which has a wealth of information regarding the industry and the top 75 diamond blogs on the internet today. An excellent way to brush up on your minerals knowledge.


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