The different types of jewellery

Updated: Apr 3

There are many different types of jewellery dating back from the 1400's. This is how far jewellery goes back. When you hear the word jewellery, what comes to mind is probably engagement rings, wedding rings, promise rings and in general, rings are the most sought after of jewellery items.

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What is Jewellery actually?

Jewellery consists of decorative items worn for personal adornment and to beautify the wearer, and may not necessarily even be as fancy as the name would suggest. Items may be made very simply, using beads (usually glass). Today the word Jewellery conjures up mental images of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belly rings & toe rings. Even watches are being beautified with diamonds, precious metals and gemstones and could therefore be seen as jewellery.

rings - yes, there are more than you may think

Lets begin with rings - either diamond rings, or gemstones or a combination of both. One of the most popular and trendy rings is the solitaire ring (solitaire meaning one). A simple, yet very traditional, classic and elegant setting with one stone, a diamond or other gemstone in the centre. Then there is the Anniversary band for those who would like to seal their commitment to each other with a simple band to celebrate an anniversary or commemorable moment. The most famous rings are the engagement ring and wedding ring. The engagement ring usually studded with diamonds and gems and a single shank. This is then replaced by the wedding ring when the engaged couple is wed. A bridal set refers to both the engagement ring and wedding ring used together, as two bands, on the same wedding ring finger. The 3 stone ring is also famous and symbolizes past, present and the future.

Other, less important rings include the promise ring (commitment), antique rings (older and more traditional), plain bands (usually no stones, just gold, platinum, silver), cluster rings (large rings with a number of small stones, gems or diamonds), birthstone rings, estate rings (belongs to an estate, usually someone who is deceased and the ring was inherited. These are just a handful of rings, although certainly the most popular. Have a look at this Gallery of Rings which showcases a large number of rings, ring designs and accessories.

Other Jewellery items

This extends into many different channels, as jewellery is very custom. Of the most popular, necklaces and earrings are also every girl's best friend, especially when paired with classic, beautiful ring/s. The rest include toe rings, belly rings, pendants and bracelets. Remember, not all jewellery is made out of gold and platinum. Fashion or costume items may be made from silver, sterling silver (a lot of costume jewellery is made out of sterling), and even pewter. As long as the item beautifies and enhances the visual appearance of the wearer.

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