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St. Valentines Day - what is the history behind this momentous day?

St. Valentines day, or as many would call it, Valentines day is celebrated on February 14th. Having its origins in a Western Christian feast day honoring two early Saints, one of whom was called Valentinus. There are many martyrs associated with various Valentines (the martyrs), including a written account of Saint Valentine who was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry.

Any tips or advice on picking the right Engagement Ring?

  • Always pick with the 4 C's in mind, this is very important

  • Remember that Cut is the most important of the 4C's

  • Pick a diamond or other stone which has some rarity value to it. This will ensure the ring appreciates nicely

  • Pick a stone which suitably matches the tone and personality of the woman

  • Know the ring finger size

  • Always request Certification for both the diamond and the metals used

  • When designing the ring, keep in mind the Wedding ring, which should be cohesive with the Engagement band / ring

  • Consider the other stones to be used i.e. Gemstones

  • Design : Consider browsing the internet for rings or find a reputable designer

  • Be wise about choosing the metal quality, some are softer than other metals used

I would like to purchase an engagement ring. How do I go about buying an engagement ring?

You can use the Ring Builder to design your own ring or head over to our Galleries for pre-set diamond ring ideas.

What is the correct spelling of Jewellery? 

There are two ways of spelling Jewellery (we use Jewellery). The other spelling, which is also grammatically correct is Jewelry. 


What different types of Jewellery are there?  

Brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets and cuff links. We could go one further and add luxury watches to this list. 

What precious metals can be used in the manufacture of Jewellery?  

  • Gold is the most widely used. 9ct, 18ct or 24ct. Gold can be further broken down into White Gold, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold. 

  • Silver 

  • Platinum

  • Palladium 

  • Sterling silver

  • Titanium

  • Pewter

What are the main Jewellery brands in South Africa?  

  • Mineral Trader Group

  • American Swiss

  • Sterns

  • Natal Wholesale Jewellers

  • Brown's Jewellers

  • The Diamond Channel 

  • Shimansky

  • Swarovski, who mainly sell crystal jewellery

  • Arthur Kaplan 

  • Pandora

What types of metal finishes are there? 


High polish

Satin / matte



What is Rhodium? 


Rhodium is a silver, white metallic element and is highly resistant to corrosion.It is one of the six platinum group metals and is extremely rare. Many Jewellers use Rhodium as a plating to prevent jewellery from corroding or wearing.  


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