guiding principles

Passion : We will always have, and show, our passion for using jewellery as a component of an entire outfit focusing on the combination which best suits the person, their clothes, personality and occasion.
Happiness : By showing our feelings of happiness and wellbeing at all times through our ‘always smiling’ appearance and upbeat conversations,  our happiness will be contagious to our customers.
Fairness : Be fair to all and offer exceptional services and products at fair prices, respect and accommodate customers' wants and needs, and be fair in all business practices both internal and external.
Value : Bring value to each the item/piece bought from us - this should exceed investment returns to a value of the jewellery bought.

Keys to success

In order to succeed in the diamond / gold, jewellery industry, we at the Mineral Trader Group : 

- Showcase an assortment of sizes, colours and designs to fit the needs of our target customer base
- Provide customers with high quality personalized customer service.
- Provide relevant fashion design recommendations to our customers.
- Continuously review our inventory and sales and adjust our inventory levels accordingly.
- Provide for the satisfaction of 100% of our customers and employees. Both are very valuable to us and we have designed a customer care plan to manage complaints, implement employees' and customer feedback, manage supplier accounts, and predict potential conflicts.
- Create a visible, accessible and welcoming, affordable jewellery mall kiosk or jewellery store that positions us
as the premier choice of our products within the mall


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