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The Mineral Trader Group is a Group of Companies that houses various specialized Companies in the field of Diamonds and PGM's. We complement the Diamond & Jewellery Industry Value Chain from : Mining of rough diamonds ; buying & selling of Certified polished diamonds ; cutting & polishing of diamonds ; diamond & jewellery training ; designing and manufacturing of unique, affordable & exclusive jewellery ; distribution and retail of fine jewellery.

We offer a great selection of gemstones as loose stones cut & polished (certified stones) in various 4C’s [cut, colour, clarity, cut] however, our main product offering is a wide range selection of our jewellery items in various designs in colors, sizes in makes of yellow gold, white gold, pink gold, platinum and titanium. Our jewellery includes watches, corporate logos designs, personalized/engraved rings and cleaning & polishing accessories. ​


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