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Our custom-developed and powerful Diamond Price Search Engine was created with the view of delivering accurate, quantifiable / measurable market related pricing for both the consumer and suppliers alike. Unbiased, authoritative data using not only our own unique algorithms but also price patterning involving human participation / interaction and knowledge of the Diamonds industry. 
Results include High's, Low's, Average's, Mean Average's and Actual Recently Sold prices, from a number of suppliers.
Consistently updated pricing with upload dates (the month of sale OR month of retail offered prices), the search engine provides Mineral Trader users with the latest data and pricing. We don't just crawl the web for random prices, we source pricing from between 8 - 10 different suppliers and use this data in a meaningful way to deliver accurate results. In this way, we guarantee superior pricing results and extremely high accuracy. 
The search engine is free to use and open to everyone, but it does require you to request the link via email below. Once done, you have access to the database of diamonds and prices. We do not promote anyone's products, the engine is purely for comparative benchmark pricing.

You must use a specific format for your search as there is an extremely large amount of data contained in the search engine.
See the format below : 
0.30           Round          D              VVS1
NB : One space between each i.e. 0.30 Round D VVS1 Super Ideal. For larger diamonds, 1.00 Round F VS1 Ideal for example. The letters may be either lower or upper case, this does not affect your search. 
Carat : Don't use comma's but full stops (e.g. 0,30 (incorrect) 0.30 (correct))
The engine not only provides offered diamond prices, but SOLD diamonds prices. When searching for a specific diamond, the results will reflect "Recently Sold" or "Sold
90% of the  diamonds have G.I.A certification, however also a combination of the below as well :

GIA – Gemological Institute of America.

AGS – American Gemological Society

HRD – Diamond High Council (Hoge Raad voor Diamant in Dutch)

IGI – International Gemological Institute.

EGL USA – European Gemological Laboratory.

EGL Europe – European Gemological Laboratory.

Search Engine Prices are online retail prices. Expect to pay between 20% to 30% more in a physical jewellery store.
Currently, the Search Engine supports from 0.23 Carats to 2.80 Carats on offered prices (Round) diamonds & various on the Sold items.
Up to 10.00 Carats and all Shapes, including Fancy diamonds will be available within the next
2 - 3 weeks. 
Easy enough? Let's move on
Below are a collection of how-to-video's or instructional video's and screenshots to illustrate simply how the mobile version is used and how you, as a new user would navigate the app and interpret the information and results.
Mobile Search Engine video - Diamond Prices / Trends
How to use the mobile version
Desktop Search Engine video - Diamond Prices / Trends
How to use the desktop version

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