Frequently Asked Questions

What variety of Precious stones can Mineral Trader Group offer?

We offer a range of quality diamonds, both brilliant white and fancy colored diamonds, gemstones and tanzanite 


How many Carats is the largest diamond that Mineral Trader has sold? 

We have previously sold a 17 carat diamond, being the largest diamond we have sold. Our diamonds would normally range between 0.02 carats and 5 / 6 carats

What certification does Mineral Trader Group supply with the diamond? 

All of our diamonds are G.I.A certified

What are rough diamonds and does Mineral Trader sell them? 

Unfortunately we do not offer rough diamonds. Mineral Trader has it's own in-house certified cutters / polishers, so the majority of our finished product is sold as certified cut and polished stones

What Diamond grading laboratories are there?


These are the largest or most well known of the diamond grading laboratories


1. Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A)

2. American Gemological Society (A.G.S)

3. European Gemological Laboratory USA (E.G.L)

4. European Gemological Laboratory Europe (E.G.L)

How did diamonds begin and who has had the most interest in this industry?


Locally (in South Africa), the first diamond was discovered by a boy named Erasmus Stephanus Jacobs in 1967, the Eureka diamond. De Beers controlled the supply of diamonds for many years thereafter and still continues to do so today 

What countries produce the main source of diamonds? 

India was the original source of diamonds in the 1400's. Diamonds then declined in India in the 1700's and Brazil became the biggest source of the precious stones. This continued until the 1800's, when South Africa discovered a huge reserve of diamonds. Most of the world's diamonds originate from mines in Canada, Russia, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa

What is the largest diamond ever discovered in the world? 

The Cullinan diamond - 3106 carats (1,33 pounds). Discovered in 1905 at the Cullinan mine in South Africa. The diamond was subsequently gifted to King Edward.

What are the rarest diamonds in the world? 

Without a doubt, fancy diamonds. Red, purple, green and orange are the rarest fancy colored diamonds inthe world, followed by pink and blue. 


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