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The Mineral Trader Group 

Mineral Trader is a Minerals Beneficiation Group. Our core business is certified, cut and polished diamonds. Activities include Diamond Beneficiation, Franchise opportunities, Sales of Diamonds and precious metals, and high return diamond investments.


We are a Group of Companies established and licensed under authority of the South African Diamond Board and Mineral Beneficiation Department of Minerals & Energy to exploit opportunities in the Mineral Industry for Beneficiation Programmes with the view of our people (South Africans) benefiting from these Minerals. 


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What is a diamond broker and a jewellery agent? 
Anyone can register and train online to be either of the two (or both)

A Diamond Broker refers to the role of an individual who acts as an agent for a buyer and charges the buyer and/or principal a commission for its services. A diamond broker is involved in the sales of diamonds and gemstones - sapphires, ruby's, emeralds etc. 

A Jewellery Agent acts as a party that has express or implied authority to act for another (Mineral Trader Group) so as to bring the principal into contractual relationships with other parties. An agent is obligated to the principal, and (when acting within the scope of authority delegated by the principal) binds the principal with his or her acts. The agent, however, does not have title to the principal's goods in his or her possession, except where agent's lien is applicable. Commissions due as the Diamond Broker above. A jewellery agent is involved in the sales of fine, custom jewellery.

Sales of Diamonds, Gemstones, Precious Metals and the finest Jewellery one can buy. Direct from the source.

Mineral Trader Group not only offers Jewellery, but anyone can also purchase diamonds with the view of holding the precious stones. Diamonds always increase in value (have a look at Diamonds as investments) and is like purchasing a property. All of our stones are G.I.A certified. We also offer gemstones - we have many! Head over to our Products Page for more info.

Mineral Trader Group offers the very finest Jewellery. Engagement rings, wedding bands, fashion rings - our in-house workshops and facilities allows us to manufacture almost any item. Mineral Trader prides itself in manufacturing the highest quality jewellery and we have one of the top designers in South Africa, to meet your exact requirements.


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